Enthusiasts swayed to the tunes of Newari fusion orchestra alongside one of the most respected and contributing artists of Nepali Music Industry Deepak Bajracharya last Friday, 16 December. The entire premise was crowded with fans from around 4.00 in the afternoon; however the concert was due to start at 5 pm that evening. Despite the chilly weather music lovers walking by were comfortable even on the steps of the temples all over the surrounding, once the tunes started to fill the atmosphere around the Durbar Saquare. The event was organized by a tie up between cellroti.com and Little Media Pvt. Ltd. honoring Deepak Bajracharya for his contribution in the Nepali Music Industry and also to celebrate the Nepal Tourism Year 2011. “He is being honored by the Nepal Tourism Board for his contribution in Nepali Music Industry,” said Noyo Singh, the program emcee. “This is the first time he is performing with a Newari fusion orchestra,’’ she added.
The Live Band performed some of Deepak Bajracarya’s classic numbers like Kali Kali, which was infact his very first song as a professional artist, Ritu - a fan favorite, O amira, and many more. According to the fans enjoying the concert, the fusion with Newari cultural music was the best part about the whole gig, it was something new, and something no one had tried before and it worked wonders with Deepak Bajracharya’s fabulous music.